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There are several types of glass for the aquarium hobby. There are also numerous, numerous tank builders that use the variety of these glasses to make their tanks. Of course, for any commission of a custom tank, prices start to go up.

Low iron laminate over glass that gives incredible true visibility. It eliminates the green tint that is usually associated with regular float glass. We generally use low iron glass for glass fishtank. Low iron glass is popular for its clarity. We provide our service in NYC, NJ, Brooklyn, Oneonta, Staten island, etc.

What to look for in a tank and questions to ask a tank builder?

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Tank Size: At our discretion tank sizes can be customized to your needs.

Holes: Holes can be drilled in the aquariums.

Tank Tops: Tops of tanks can be modified to suit special needs. -Rimless tanks are available for certain sizes.

fish tank

Glass Types

Regular Clear Glass: As is common in most aquariums, we use regular clear glass at home for its cheap cost.

Low-iron Glass: Low-Iron glass is available at an additional cost. Low-Iron glass provides a clearer view of colors than regular aquariums.


We generally charge a minimal price for hole drilling. We are the best glass aquarium providers in this country. If you want to drill your aquarium can contact us.

Do you use tempered glass and if so which panes? You can not drill tempered glass once tempered. It will shatter. You order a custom tank from Bear Glass.

Specialists in custom fish tanks, luxury aquarium design, installation and maintenance are available at Bear Glass. Custom aquariums are designed to meet the specific demands of the clients whether it is for domestic or commercial premises or special installations. We provide a personal, flexible and professional service, offering a tailored package to each client and turning his or her initial vision into a living breathing aquarium. We are widely regarded as the go-to specialist in custom aquariums and fish tank design. creative team designs the most captivating aquatic concepts based on the client's visual idea as well as the property's architecture and interior style. Our creative team always deliver a striking concept no matter the size or any logistical and budgetary constraints. Aquarium Architecture are the specialists in fish tank design with many of our aquariums receiving awards for their design. So, it looks like the statement fish tank is having a bit of a renaissance.

We provide wall aquarium both for residential and commercial installations. Our wall aquarium can be framed or frameless. If you need to install a wall aquarium in your home, contact us immediately. We also provide salt water wall aquarium for the sea fishes. Soft water wall aquariums are also available at here. So contact us for your next project.